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Who We Are?

Zhejiang Bosuer Motion Apparatus Co., Ltd is a trustworthy factory founded in 2002 with a passion for fostering an off-road racing culture and dedicated to catering to the needs of wholesalers, dealers and brand owners.

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Annual production capacity

We have emerged as a leading off-road motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle manufacturer and wholesaler with more than 40 models and 60+ patented technologies. Bosuer boasts 22 years of industry expertise and is a pioneer in innovations. Our innovation outcomes include China’s first 4-valve air-cooled 250cc engine and a 300cc balanced, four-valve air-cooled engine with a titanium alloy balance shaft. All our products are cost-effective, durable, unique, and cater to the needs of everyone.

We are dedicated to maintaining industry standards of excellence since we operate a laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology, the highest quality, and the most comprehensive testing equipment. Our five production lines, three packaging lines, and a testing line empower us to deliver the manufacturing capacity of 120,000 complete vehicles.

We pride ourselves on holding World Factory certification and numerous others

Our designers thrive on rolling up their sleeves to design products that cater to your needs. Since we have a growth mindset that has ingrained collaboration, we have partnered with many renowned engine manufacturers.

Bosuer has developed a wide range of products – off-highway motorcycles, pit bikes, dirt bikes, 110cc, 125cc, and 150cc sports ATVs –  to name a few. Not only this, but we have also registered our brands like BOSUER/MOJO Racing, covering 50+ countries or regions globally.

Additionally, we own a Bosuer racing team featuring many professional racing drivers who have participated in over 100 domestic and foreign events and secured multiple prestigious racing awards.

Bosuer - Committed to Understand Your Needs

Whether you are an off-road motorcycle enthusiast, wholesaler, dealer, or brand, Bosuer strives hard to understand the challenges you face. With our tailored approach, we cater to your needs. Moreover, if you want to benchmark against competitor’s products, our product lineup allows you to compare the factory’s R&D, technology, and cost-effectiveness with local competitors.

Advantages Of Bosuer

You can reap a multitude of benefits if you choose Bosuer as your manufacturing partner.

Our products boast affordable, high-quality off-road motorcycles with top-tier engines. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure to deliver each product that stands out from the competitors.

We continuously upgrade our products according to the latest trends and adopt new technology to make our products market competitive.

Spanning over 30 countries, our products are fostering our worldwide presence and extending our market reach across the globe.

From dirt bikes to pit bikes, motocross bikes to sports ATVs, our trendsetting products are made of unique designs, helping you retain a loyal customer base.

We have partnered with leading engine manufacturers, providing you with cutting-edge engine technology in a vast range of products. Further, our product lineup has different engine sizes tailored to the market’s needs. This enhances the overall performance and dynamic capabilities of our products.


Our mission is to boost off-road racing culture. We offer innovative and top-quality all-terrain vehicles, particularly off-road motorcycles, to accomplish our aim. We want to enhance the reputation of our products and brands on national and international levels.
At Bosuer, we have state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology, and we integrate R&D to manufacture products that can flourish in the outdoor sports industry, empowering us to become a leader in outdoor sports products. Our core values are inspiring us to achieve our goals.


We envision becoming the leading off-road motorcycle manufacturer worldwide. By shaping the future of the outdoor sports industry, we want to boost the growth of this sector. Being dedicated to our vision, we are redefining the motorcycle manufacturing industry by combining the latest trends and creativity.

Our Values

Our core values, such as integrity, transparency, respect, hard work, and honesty, drive us to achieve our goals. Moreover, we believe in collaboration and have partnered with many engine manufacturing companies to deliver reliable and competitive products.

Sustainability is reflected in our products. We are dedicated to manufacturing products that have minimal impact on the environment.

We adhere to our promises and provide consistent bulk supply without denting your wallet.


BOUSER and MOJO Racing brands have successfully registered their name at local and international levels since it is committed to brand internalization. The participation of the BOUSER Racing Team in several domestic competitions and activities signifies its role in enhancing its brand visibility.

Besides improving brand recognition at the national and international levels, this strategic move also fosters a sense of unity, passion, and dedication among off-road motorcycle enthusiasts.


We prioritize an eco-friendly environment and are committed to sustainability throughout our operations. We have implemented strict measures to treat wastewater and gasses that may be generated during the production phase to ensure sustainability and mitigate the risk of environmental pollution. Furthermore, we ensure byproducts management effectively to support a cleaner production reflected in our vision.

Bosuer has revolutionized the off-road motorcycle industry with its innovations and groundbreaking technologies and products. Leveraging our expertise, we have created cost-effective and top-tier products that cater to the needs of brands, wholesalers, and enthusiasts.

Being an innovative off-road motorcycle manufacturer, Bosuer helps you get a competitive edge in the industry and gives you an incredible experience like no other. React out to us and get top-quality products and a lasting partnership!

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