Bosuer Racing


Racing as a sporting activity involves a speed competition where competitors try to complete a given task or cover a particular distance in the shortest time possible. Having a racing team by individuals or organizations can serve many purposes, which range from physical benefits to emotional benefits.The Bosuer Racing Team is a group of racing professionals selected for various purposes.

Why Have a Racing Team?

Creating Opportunities - For Passionate Professionals

Through our ability to spot people who have developed a strong passion for the sport, we shine the spotlight on a company of professional race drivers and provide them with a platform that brings them into a bigger vision while still developing themselves in that field.

Product Validation - Racing on Racetracks

Racing equipment, such as racing bikes, is being produced consistently to allow those involved in the sport to easily carry out their activities. One of the duties of our Racing Team is to validate those products on racetracks. A product cannot be declared effective or purpose-fulfilling if it has not gone through testing, and as users and recipients of racing products, we test and validate the products produced. To us, race rankings and winning are not as important as validating our products for general use. Continuous validation of products is one of our unwavering philosophies at Bosuer Enterprise.

Personal Sponsorship - Costs Fully Borne by Bosuer

To create our desired product, we cannot risk being under the influence of other people who may be inexperienced or double-minded about the services we offer just because of their sponsorship. Accepting or allowing sponsorship means being controlled and obligated to serve our sponsors, which does not align with our initial intentions, so due to many factors that have been taken into consideration, Bosuer Enterprise personally bears all its racing production, and maintenance costs and participation fees for our racing team without external sponsorships.

Safe and People Centric Philosophy

In the tapestry of life, friendship is the first thread we weave, and competition is but a beautiful pattern we follow. As much as there will always be a competition to win, there will always be a friendship to build first. The Bosuer Racing Team has been able to set this record straight in the execution of its racing competition.

We strongly believe the racetrack is our training ground, and victory is our proof. This belief has not only brought us victory in different ways but has also added to our solid structures. Our human structures include selecting a team of top domestic racing drivers and establishing a racing team with the highest standards. A notable piece of information about our team is that we only work with racing professionals who possess not only exceptional skills but also a high level of passion and determination for racing.

At its peak, the Bosuer had three teams, and the Racing Team proudly participated in 97 race events in just one year. The Company has so many stories that prove the team’s dedication to the goals of the establishment. Once, after a race in Yunnan, the race drivers immediately departed for the next race in Liaoning, which is estimated to be 1700 kilometers away, and this came after completing equipment cleaning and preparations on the same day. Some events took place on the racetrack too that portrayed the team’s spirit of putting friendship before competition. The founder would always remind the drivers of the team’s goals and values before any race, “We want to validate our products. Rankings are not so important; instead, focus on stability and avoid getting injured. It’s fine if you crash the car, but your safety is the top priority.”

Bosuer Racing Team not only provides professional training and equipment, but the drivers also have confidence in the performance and safety of their race cars.  “Friendship first, Competition second”.

Bosuer - Born For Racing

Having to offer a wide range of benefits has given us an edge when it comes to providing value both to individuals and the general company. Through our races, Bosuer continuously validates its products and now introduces Bosuer to off-road racing enthusiasts, making them a valuable part of the Bosuer Racing Family. The team has offered a valuable opportunity to the passionate race riders to come together and be part of a great vision. Through our race, the research and development department constantly optimizes performance parameters to ensure the creation of enduring off-road vehicles.
To wrap it up, we acknowledge that every employee at Bosuer has been able to recognize that they are not just doing an ordinary job but contributing to a great product. The products they create are involved in major domestic and international competitions, so every component and assembly is important, and each off-road vehicle is a unique masterpiece.