Essential Manufacturing Partners for Your Off-Road Vehicle Business

After 20 years of focusing on off-road motorcycle R&D and manufacturing, serving more than 50 countries dealers, Bosuer has accumulated wealth of service experience. From market entry strategies to effectively engaging users with good products, and expanding market share, we have unique approaches and services for each module. There is only one goal: to help you sell more off-road motorcycles.

Accurate market analysis and product selection

This is the cornerstone of success. We will assist you in conducting market research and analysis, accurate brand and user positioning to ultimately determine the product selection. If the product does not align with the market, the sales end will encounter unforeseen difficulties. Bosuer has accumulated market experience in over 50 countries. Even if you are not a specialized off-road motorcycle dealer, there is no need to worry about issues such as user acceptance. Bosuer’s research and design team introduces a dozen new products each year to explore more markets and gain new profit growth.

Quality and Delivery Guarantee

In 2010, Bosuer established its own racing team, participated in domestic and international competitions with its self-manufactured off-road motorcycles. Every year, dozens of professional races validate superior product performance, driving continuous updates and iterations.
With 52 production processes and 28 finished product tests, we fully ensure stable quality.0 quality complaint over 20 years.
Based on years of accumulated spare parts supply chain system and mature production technology, on-time delivery has never been a burden for Bosuer.

Sales Support

Worried about not being able to penetrate the market? Not skilled in sales? There’s absolutely no need to worry. Bosuer has implemented internet marketing and promotion strategies to cover global markets, precisely targeting the countries where you operate. Once you become Bosuer distributor, we will refer local customers with purchasing needs to you.
Additionally, our professional technicians can provide series of product knowledge training sessions for your sales team, along with beautifully designed marketing materials such as product brochures and leaflets. These resources will help you achieve greater sales performance.

After-sales Support

Bosuer provides a range of services in the after-sales aspect. We ensure that your users receive continuous support and a satisfactory user experience throughout the product’s lifecycle, thereby shaping brand reputation and value.

In fact, over the past 20 years, there has never been such an incident.
To ensure transparency and traceability in our entire after-sales support process, we meticulously document all after-sales information and communication records. Through these measures, we provide you with comprehensive and reliable support during the after-sales phase, ensuring that users can fully experience the superior performance and brand value.