Utility ATV

Bosuer Utility ATV
super performance, no fear of heavy tasks!

Engineered with precision and functionality in mind, the Bosuer Utility ATV 150cc,180cc with reverse gear and chain drive, is at the same time a masterpiece of resilience and adaptability. Our production built this vehicle primarily conceived for pragmatic tasks. Seamlessly combining powerful performance with aesthetic elegance and consistently high build quality, we guarantee both efficiency and durability, to provide perfectly fitting machines for your customers.

One remarkable feature is its formidable load-bearing capacity.

If your client has a heavy-duty task, it is reliable. That is why it is an essential companion for tasks that require significant weight transport, be it in agriculture, construction, or any intensive fieldwork.

Key Features & Technology

We are happy to unveil to you the paramount features of our Utility ATV. Dive in to understand what sets the Utility ATV by the Bosuer apart in the world of heavy-duty machinery – not only in terms of quality, longevity and endurance.

Engine Performance and Efficiency for Professional Use
Chassis and Structural Integrity
Dimensions and Operational Adaptability

Discover the unmatched quality of cost-effective Bosuer Sports ATVs for dealers, brands and wholesalers in Europe, the USA and around the world.

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Use Cases

Why is bosuer Utility ATV the best choice

Discover the unmatched capabilities of the Bosuer Utility ATV – a perfect fusion of power, durability, and versatility.
Short delivery times combined with high build quality make this Utility ATV the perfect choice for your business – Get in touch to make your order today.

Unmatched Capacity

Designed with robust trays and boxes, our ATVs guarantee transportation of substantial loads.

Built to Last

A blend of sturdy frames, stable chassis, and advanced suspension systems ensures the ATV’s durability – in any condition and environment.

Incredible Versatility

Perfectly suited for various industries, from agriculture and forestry to construction. A tremendously versatile choice for professionals.

Customer-Centric Design

Every feature, from design to function, is meticulously crafted keeping the end-user’s requirements and comfort in mind.