ATV Perfection Crafted by Off-Road Motorcycle Prowess

Bosuer ATVs, equipped with a powerful 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine offer all of speed and power alongside impressive horsepower and torque.

Bosuer range of Sport ATV and Utility ATV is renowned for their high-performance alongside versatility. 

They are also designed to be able to support different purposes and are engineered to deliver exceptional off-road capabilities by focusing on durability and comfort. 

ATV Product Range

Sport ATVs are for riders who want the ultimate performance and excitement. They are built with powerful engines, lightweight frames, and suspension systems that are designed to handle even the most challenging terrain. A Sport ATV by Bosuer is purposefully built for adventure seekers. 

With equal quality, we have made our Utility ATVs accessible to wholesalers and dealers around the world. These vehicles are designed to embody endurance and practicality. Our Utility ATVs are meticulously crafted to meet the growing demand for vehicles that thrive in challenging environments and sustain heavy workloads.

why BOSUER is the preferred choice


How long is your leading time?
The standard shipping date is 45 days after receiving the deposit and your sticker design.
How can i make order to you?
First, we will assist you in selecting the products and confirming their configuration. Once the price is confirmed, we will issue a Proforma Invoice (PI) to you.
Can we deal with full range of your products ?

We accept 2 models load in one container at the most.

What is material of your package?

Carton Box with Steel Frame Inside. We also accept use customer’s logo on carton.

Do you accept OEM or ODM order ?

Yes, we can accept.

Can I become your distributor in my region?
Yes, please reach out to us to discuss distributorship opportunities in your region.

Choosing BOSUER means gaining a robust supply chain, unparalleled quality assurance, timely deliveries, and impeccable after-sales service.

In the rapidly evolving world of ATVs, BOSUER stands as a beacon of excellence with over two decades of dedicated industry experience. Our mature R&D technology, underpinned by the manufacturing of tens of millions of ATVs, demonstrates our relentless pursuit of innovation and our unwavering commitment to excellence.
By understanding and catering to your customer’s needs, we believe in magnifying market potential together.

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