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High-powered and Lightweight Sports ATVs

Adventure beckons at the roar of a high-power engine. Introducing the BOSUER Sport ATVs 110CC, 125CC and 140CC. We present this Sport ATV to you: A culmination of engineering excellence, which is designed specifically for those who crave the rush. Strong engines and a feather-light build that ensures agility are what make our sports vehicles outstanding. This results in a performance that’s race-ready for your customers.

1 durabel chassis design

optional 1+1 gear or 1+3 gear

Key Features & Technology

Our Sports ATV is crafted with precision and a great commitment to performance. Every single feature of our Sports ATVs is a testament to what we love to create: Perfect machines for wholesalers and dealers, to provide unparalleled off-road experiences for passionate Sport ATVs.

Ahead of everyone: High-Power Sports ATV Engines

The engine of the 2023 Sport ATV is characterized by its 4-stroke, air-cooled design with automatic transmission. These specs ensure efficient power delivery and reliable performance for your customers.

With an optional displacement of 110cc/125cc/140cc, this model promises consistent acceleration and torque.

The max power and torque values stand at 4.7KW/8000r/min, 6.3KW/7500r/min and 7.3KW/8500r/min respectively, ensuring that these Sport ATV for adults can handle challenging terrain with ease.

The combination of the standard carburetor for optimal fuel-air mixture, CDI ignition for a quick start, and electric starting system adds to the machine’s user-friendliness and efficiency.

Stay Grounded: A High-Performance Suspension System

As we deliver quality Sport ATVs for quality wholesalers, dealers, and brands around the world, BOSUER Sports ATVs are engineered to endure.

The backbone of any ATV, the chassis, in this case, has been expertly engineered and designed, ensuring maximum durability and stability on rough trails and in any condition.

This robust foundation is paired with 265mm non-adjustable front and rear shock absorbers. These help effectively dampen the impacts from bumpy terrain and ensure a smoother ride. The integration of disc brakes, both at the front and rear, ensures prompt stopping power.

Steel wheel rims further enhance the ATV durability, while the 7 and 8 inches tires on both the front and rear provide a sturdy grip on a wide range of surfaces.

Special Features:

AIR BOX: Our advanced water air filters keeps the machine running in any conditions.

Short Throttle travel for optimized speed control

The high build quality of our machines and chassis are unmatched, and our competitive prices guarantee you attractive margins. And as we deliver punctually due to our excellent manufacutring capabilities, our products are destines to satisfy your clients.

Agility meets power: Ergonomics and Design

The vehicle’s dimensions are strategically designed to provide an optimal riding experience to meet the needs of your clients. The Sport ATVs offer both stability and maneuverability.

The seat height, at 710mm, ensures comfortable accessibility for a range of riders.

while the 90mm ground clearance means the ATV can traverse uneven terrain without the undercarriage coming into contact with obstructions.

The boasting fuel capacity of 4.5L keeps you going. This makes sure riders can go on extended journeys without frequent refueling stops.

A stable Steel Teeth Footrest helps with the balance, as well as the adjustable Double A Arm in Front with adjustable Wheel positions. The ergonomic design ensures that the ATV guarantees a driving behavior that’s responsive and enjoyable. Your clients will feel that from the first moment they sit on our machines!

Sports ATV for Racing and Events

For your clients it is obvious: Off-road racing is popular because of its glory and adrenaline for the drivers. That is what our team had in mind when building this Sports ATV: Offroad-machines engineered for excellence. These ATVs are a top choice for racing events: From off-road races to endurance challenges, and intense off-road rallies – they look good in every situation.

Discover the unmatched quality of cost-effective BOSUER Sports ATVs for dealers, brands and wholesalers in Europe, the USA and around the world.

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ATV-focused OEM/ODM Capabilities Go Global

At BOSUER, we have expanded our extensive capacities to execute OEM/ODM,catering specifically to the Sports ATV market and its distributors worldwide.

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